Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello my lovelies,
So recently I decided to join a gym and thought it might be handy to do a 'What to wear/take to the gym post' I have some items not others it's just a rough helpful guide. You don't have to have these specific items at all!
 1. Have a good pair of running shoes! The ones shown here are the ones I am hoping to buy soon as they are really recommended by people at my gym.

2. Sports bra. This is a must no matter how big or small chested you are, they make running and excersise more comfortable because you know there won't be any accidents (if you catch my drift).

3. Good sport bottoms. Honestly these make such a difference you wouldn't believe I have these Nike pro bottoms I did try a cheaper pair but I think you definitely get what you pay for as these are so much nicer to wear and better quality.

4. Have a loose t-shirt to go over your top.it covers you up and makes you feel more comfortable in my opinion. I saw this one and it made me smile, I think it's from Etsy but I'm not sure.
5. A hoodie. This is needed so much when you come out of the gym because, especially at the minute, it is super cold outside and this will really help keep you warm.

6. A duffle bag. At the minute I just take my handbag but trust me when I say it's a blooming nightmare trying to fit everything into it and then the bag into my locker. These duffle bags are a better shape to fit into the lockers and will be better to hold everything so they're definitely on my to buy list.

7. Phone, for music, and around ear headphones. I like having my own little bubble when I'm at the gym they do play music there but I find it easier to block everything out and focus on me. I have a gym playlist and these headphones, I don't have these specific ones mine are different but just as good, don't fall off or feel loose they're super comfortable.

I think that is everything.
I hope this has helped at least one of you. 
I am really enjoying the gym I tried it a few times with my mum before applying to be a member so if you can do that I would recommend it. Do what is best for your body and what you want to achieve. 
I hope you all have a fabulous week.
Much love <3

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hello my lovelies, 
Today I thought I would do a little outfit post for you to give you some inspiration. 
As it is still quite chilly here in England but it is also quite sunny so it's quite a warm and comfy but also will look good for during spring.
You don't have to have exactly the same things on here it's just to give you an idea.
Black Slip Dress - Topshop
Flannel shirt - BDG Frankie Boyfriend Shirt
Dr Martens Black Matte
Black Bag - Prada
Lip - Bourgious Duo-Cream 
Black Nail Varnish - Butter London
Black Fedora - Maison Michel 'Andre' Fedora

I really love the black basis of this outfit as it is really flattering on all body shapes and the red on the shirt adds a really nice pop of colour. By keeping the makeup simple on the face with a nude lipstick and a simple eye-shadow look it makes the dark colours not too over powering and draining on your skin. 
I hope this has given you a little inspiration and that you're having a great week.
Much love <3